Thanks to a social media prankster and the gullibility of the average person, many Michigan residents have been frightened to leave their home out of fear that they will be mauled to death by a polar bear. Indeed, while it is certainly cold enough across the state to sustain the life of this grizzly beast with a white fur coat, the idea that polar bears have infiltrated Michigan is ridiculous.

However, a bunch of people recently fell for a Facebook post (see below) that appeared to come from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which read: "Warning! Lake Erie is frozen and polar bears are now in Michigan. Polar bears that have crossed the ice from Canada. Bring your pets in immediately! Do not go outside! Polar bears have been walking a long time and are very hungry!"

We have no idea how many people panicked because of this post, but it was enough to drum up some press in Snopes – a website dedicated to investigating urban legends. In the article, the author assures readers that polar bears are not moving into Michigan. "Polar bears are arctic animals that live in the northernmost parts of Canada, Greenland, Russia, and Norway. The only state in the United States that regularly sees polar bears is Alaska," according to the site.

If this report isn't good enough for you…The Detroit Free Press recently contacted the Michigan DNR to find out if there is any chance of finding a polar bear in the state. Ed Golder, a spokesperson with the state agency, called the rumor “hooey of the highest order.”


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