Officials in Argentine Township have broken ground on the first non-motorized trail.

This makes me very happy. Up until now, there was no trail or bike path connecting Fenton and the Linden/Argentine area. I spend a lot of time near this stretch and this is going to open up a lot of activity for the area.

Phase one of the project is a pathway that can be used for those wanting to walk, run, or bike. The Argentine trail will run to Triangle Park in the City of Linden. Phase two will pick up from Triangle Park and run all the way to Jennings Road in Fenton. When the project is finished, the pathway will allow for non-motorized transportation connecting Argentine Township, Linden, Fenton Township, and Fenton, and cost approximately $1.4 million.

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I can't wait for this trail to be done. There is a lot to do in those areas but we have never had a great way to get between them if you are walking/running or on a bike. Frankly, it was never worth the risk to try and run the stretch of Silver Lake Road by Silver Spray on a bike. It is a narrow curve that leaves no room for anyone riding or walking.

On top of that, there is a newer kayak rental place in Linden I have been wanting to try. They offer one-hour trips all the way up to 4-hour paddling trips down the Shiawassee River. Small towns with cool things to do like that are great places to spend time in the summers. I just hope this trail project is finished quickly!


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