The Walking Dead's mid-season finale is promising a moment "everyone will be talking about," and they're selling it HARD. We decided to make some of the most ridiculous, but definitely still possible, guesses at what could be in store for Rick Grimes & Co before season 8's halftime buzzer sounds. 

The teasers for the upcoming 90-minute mid-season finale of are trying their best to get people to tune in. Whether that's because some major s*** is about to go down or because the ratings are in a freefall is beyond me. Don't get me wrong, the show is still a Sunday night juggernaut. It's just not enjoying the massive numbers it once did.

Before I start speculating on the upcoming mid-season finale, let me just say that I do not read the comics. All of the comic spoilers I have inadvertently learned over the years have already come to pass on the show, so I'm in "dark territory" now. None of the following guesses are based on anything other than what I've seen of the show to date. Also, none of them are going to happen. They're all stupid, but, you know, so is this show sometimes. That being said, I still love the show. That's why I don't feel bad about roasting it occasionally. Here we go.


Shiva Lives!


When we last saw Shiva, she was seemingly being ripped to shreds by a herd of walkers... or was she? Could there have been a dumpster nearby? I seem to remember this happening before to a beloved cast member, only to discover that he was hiding under a dumpster the whole time. That could work for Shiva too. Although, they'll probably kill Shiva right after we find out she's alive just like they did with Glenn.


Judith's Revenge


After years of careful plotting, Judith is finally strong enough to lift a gun and avenge the death of her father Shane by murdering the man who killed him and took her captive years ago.


Carol and Daryl are STILL the Same Person

This is a theory I previously floated back during season 3, but the show has yet to disprove me. Think about it -- they rarely are seen interacting with the group at the same time, their chemistry is great yet they still have not hooked up, they look like they get their hair cut at the same BoRics, they're fierce combatants who often go rogue... There definitely could be a Tyler Durden situation going on with these two.


Negan Challenges the Alexandrians to a Chili Cookoff


Tired of all the bloodshed, Brad Garrett Negan decides to settle the ongoing war between the Saviors and the Alexandria-Hilltop-Kingdom alliance the old fashioned way -- with a chili cook off! However, we're a few years into the zombie apocalypse now and the remaining cans of kidney beans definitely expired long ago. Hopefully, everyone remembers to wear their sh**ting pants. In the end, Carol emerges as the victor on the strength of a recipe she borrowed from Terminus. TAINTED MEAT!


Rick Outs the Garbage People for Sexual Misconduct


After getting back to the group, Rick puts the McPoyle clan on blast for making inappropriate sexual advances towards him at the dump. The Hilltop, The Kingdom, and The Saviors immediately cancel all their orders for the trash sculptures they had previously commissioned.


Rick is Visited by the Ghosts of Christmas

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Remember when Rick almost banged Lori's ghost in season 3? That's right -- he sees dead people. This time he'll be visited by the three Force Ghosts of Christmas -- Hershel, Glenn, and Judith just in time for a very special holiday episode of The Walking Dead. Judith isn't dead, but I'm not 100% clear on how Christmas ghosts work. Anyway, once Rick learns the error of his ways, he'll bury the hatchet with Negan and will finally fulfill the prophecy of which Hershel foretold back in the prison.