Photographer Laura London didn’t have to look far for inspiration, and her work will be shown in the self-explanatory exhibit titled ‘Once Upon a Time … Axl Rose Was My Neighbor.’

The fine art photographer snapped the photos back in the early ’90s when the Guns N’ Roses singer and his then wife Erin Everly lived close by and were the subject of graffiti vandals in the area. The exhibit itself walks the fine line between constructed narrative, documentary, private portraiture, and celebrity posing amidst an all out rock and roll lifestyle.

In addition to the photos, the exhibit will include location recreations and interpretations of the main characters in the story – Rose, Everly, Slash, and Axl’s former girlfriend Stephanie Seymour – with professional makeup artists, fine artists, and hair stylists making sure that each character is represented appropriately.

London says, “My studio practice explores issues of identity, youth and contemporary culture. Similar to a social anthropologist, I observe people and social situations. My work comes from a combination of personal experience, memory, observation and imagination. ‘Axl Rose Was My Neighbor’ is a docudrama based on an interpretation and depiction of actual events.”

The show opens at the Coagula Curatorial Callery in Downtown Los Angeles Sept. 29 and runs through Oct. 21. There will be an opening reception the evening of Sept. 29 with a press preview that afternoon. Visit the gallery website for more details and check out a few of London’s photos promoting the exhibit here.

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