Every Saturday at noon we countdown the top 6 new rock songs of the week as voted by you. Here are the results from Banana's Big 6.

This past week, Banana listeners voted for their favorite new rock songs of the week via our Banana Listener Group on Facebook and the results are pretty much what I expected, for the most part.

#6 Jonathan Davis - What It Is

On May 25th, Jonathan Davis of Korn will release his first ever solo album called 'Black Labyrinth'. The album is said to be a bit a departure from Korn and is expected to have a wide range of sounds. This is first single from the album and lands at #6 on this week's countdown.


#5 Red Sun Rising - Deathwish

Red Sun Rising recently released a new album called 'Thread' and from what it looks like, they have another hit on their hands with the lead single 'Deathwish'. Don't miss the band when they come to Flint on June 28th for their performance at The Machine Shop.


#4 Five Finger Death Punch - Gone Away

Five Finger Death Punch covered Offspring's massive 90s hit 'Gone Away' for their 2017 compilation album 'A Decade of Destruction' and for their new album 'And Justice For None' which comes out on May 18th.


#3 Godsmack - Bulletproof

Godmsack just released a new album called 'When Legends Rise' and I absolutely love it. Maybe not as much as I love the video for it which you can watch below. Yes, that is frontman Sully Erna playing the role as the director and he is freaking hilarious.


#2 Shinedown - Devil

I don't think it comes to a surprise to anyone that Shinedown would make the countdown this week. I have a feeling we'll find this song in the number one slot in the next couple weeks. 'Devil' is from the band's new album 'Attention Attention' which just came out last week.


#1 Bad Wolves - Zombie

Bad Wolves 'Zombie' is not only the number one rock song of the week here in Flint, it's also the number one rock song in the country. It's from their debut album 'Disobey' which came out yesterday. Also, congrats to the band as 'Zombie' was just certified gold with sales of over 500,000 copies. The band will perform to a sold out crowd on August 8th at The Machine Shop.

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