'Batman: Arkham Origins' will see the Dark Knight have a $50 million price tag placed on his head by Black Mask, and in the new E3 gameplay trailer we get our first look at two more assassins seeking that bounty -- Bane and Joker.

With every new detail and trailer that is revealed, the concerns about the Arkham franchise changing hands to that of a new studio seem to melt away. Thus far, the game looks incredible and seems to keep the core gameplay intact. It also appears that there are some cool new innovations like the ability two grapple two hoodlums together, more in-depth crime scene analysis and the added bonus of roaming Gotham freely for the first time in the series.

The story starts with a "Year Two" Batman, still somewhat inexperienced, on shaky ground with the police and also becoming the focus of Gotham crime lord Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask. Once Black Mask places a $50 million bounty on the Batman's head, he becomes the target of previously unveiled assassins Deadshot, Deathstroke, as well as Bane and Joker.