It looks like you can add another Michigan festival to your calendar of canceled summer events this year.

The annual Bay City Fireworks Festival has officially been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to ABC12, the Bay City Fireworks Festival typically brings more than 100,000 visitors to downtown Bay City every summer. With a crowd that big and the safety concerns during the coronavirus pandemic, organizers say there was simply no way the show could go on as usual.

President of the festival, Doug Clark had this to say:

“As a board, we decided that it was better for us this year to just cancel the Bay City Fireworks festival as a whole. Unfortunately, we’re all obviously very saddened by that, we love this event this is a great event for the community."

The festival is expected to return next year with hopes of making it bigger and better than ever. Apparently, they're possibly looking to pay tribute to frontline workers that put their lives on the line during the pandemic.

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I was born in Bay City and have family there but not once have I ever been to the fireworks festival. I'm not a huge fireworks guy and my kid has never had an interest either so we never made it a point to go.

Source: MLive & ABC12

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