The BIG10 has officially released the revised 2021 football schedule for Michigan and Michigan State.

The 2021 schedule had already been completed, but BIG10 officials needed to make some changes. The revised schedule was created to offset changes that happened during the 2020 season due to the pandemic. There were a few games that had their location changed, and some that didnt happen at all.

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In a statement regarding the changes, the BIG 10 explained exactly what games caused their revisions. There were a total of six games that had to adjust their locations according to the release. The six games are listed below. You can see the complete BIG 10 schedule here.

  • Indiana-Michigan
  • Indiana-Michigan State
  • Michigan-Michigan State
  • Nebraska-Purdue
  • Nebraska-Wisconsin
  • Purdue-Wisconsin

The only additional changes involve the sequencing of games throughout the schedule, including the return of traditional rivalries in the final week of the season such as Iowa-Nebraska and Minnesota-Wisconsin.

Michigan was impacted the most by these changes. The Wolverines now travel to East Lansing to take on Michigan State rather than hosting them. Other than the venue change against MSU, the schedule isn't very different from a traditional year.

Michigan State might actually be happy about the schedule change, but they still have a very tough season ahead of them.

Even without any schedule changes, I think both fan bases know that this is going to be a tough year for their teams.

Michigan is coming off of a terrible season, and surprisingly kept Harbaugh as their head coach. Michigan State is still in the rebuilding phase, and fans are hoping that things can only improve after last season.

I know it's way to early to guess, but I'd like to know if you think either team will end the 2021 season with more wins than losses.


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