Another school district in the area has taken a step back to all online learning for its students.

Yesterday, Birch Run Schools made the announcement that all students will once again return to online learning. Unfortunately, this is no surprise to anyone anymore. While many schools tried to go back on in-person classes, many have already closed back down and switched to online classes again.

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For those with students in the Birch Run Area Schools, remote learning will now take place for all students until November 30th. Elementary students that need their devices for online learning will be able to pick them up this week. The building principals will be communicating with parents and students regarding the expectations of remote learning today. Also, teachers will not be required to come to the building as of today.

Starting on Monday, November 9th we will be moving to remote learning for all students until Monday, November 30th. As part of this transition, we ask that you use the communication tools available to make contact with students. We will be making arrangements for elementary students who need devices to pick them up early this week. Building principals will be communicating with you regarding remote learning along with expectations on Monday. Staff will not be required to come to the building on Monday. Staff is welcome to use the school internet for communication needs...announced David Bush, Birch Run Area Schools Superintendent.

Career Center students will continue to have class at Bay and SCC. Classes will be full-time face to face for Bay students and hybrid for SCC students. Also, high school girls basketball & competitive cheer will still try out starting today. For more information on these events, click here. 


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