It was a wild Thursday morning in Ludington, Michigan, as a black bear was spotted roaming the streets.

While black bears are common throughout northern Michigan, it's not all that common to see them wandering the streets on the west side of the state.

According to 13 On Your Side, the bear was seen making its way from the school forest in northeast Ludington before roaming through the city. After traversing some of the main roads in the area, the bear started walking through neighborhoods.

Coming face to face with a bear while taking out your trash will surely wake you up.

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Ludington resident Trinja Henrickson was simply on her way to work when she first spotted the bear. She quickly grabbed her phone and started filming.

People brought their pets inside, and the schools were put on lockdown while the bear wandered around town.

At one point, the bear was seen jumping from tree to tree.

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By 11:30 a.m., the bear had made its way back into the woods, and things went back to normal.

For some Ludington residents, it was an 'unbearable' morning. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Black bears have been reported in various parts of Michigan, including some areas in the southern part of the state. However, they are more commonly found in the northern and western regions, where the habitat is more suitable for them.

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