A Gainesville, Florida couple had a surprise guest, at what was supposed to be a special date for just the two of them. Taylor Forte planned the picnic for her fiance Trevor Walters, before he leaves for the Marines. It may not have gone as planned, but I am sure neither one of them will ever forget it.

The couple were set up for the picnic, when they saw the alligator. As you will hear in the video above, the animal seemed to have no fear of the two of them. Before the couple knew it, the gator was on their blanket devouring cheese, salami and even guacamole. I have to say, this alligator has great taste.

Reports indicate that an expert believes this particular alligator has been fed before, that is why it showed no fear. I don't know why anyone would think they are doing an alligator a favor by feeding it human food, but they are not. Experts indicate those particular alligators will be caught and removed, and most often killed.

I have to say the guy in the video, Taylor Forte is quite a character. Using the 'bear scare' to get the gator to leave. It somehow worked. Also, I would like to thank him in advance for his upcoming service to our country.

I just plan on sticking to one basic principle - 'Don't feed the animals.'

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