I'm not sure what's going on in Michigan lately but for whatever reason, there's been a number of alligator sightings this summer in the state. Just last month I told you about a city worker that find one swimming in a sewage lagoon. This time around one was recently found in a pond near Shay Lake in Tuscola County.

The alligator was on the relatively small side as it measured only three feet in length. I don't know much about alligators but I do know that I'd much rather run into one that was three feet instead of one that was six feet.

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Obviously, this was someone's pet that either got out of their house or was unwanted. I find it very unlikely that an alligator could sneak out of someone house on its own (I'm sure it's happened though). I'm going to make the assumption that someone didn't want the gator and they placed it in the pond.


Thankfully the alligator was caught and given to a facility that can take care of it. There's no way that little guy would have survived a Michigan winter.

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Tuscola County Sheriff's Office:

On 9/15/21 at 6:15 p.m., Sgt Wade and Deputy Webster were dispatched to an address in the Shay Lake area for a report of an Alligator in a pond. The alligator was approximately 3 feet in length. Conservation Officer Rhodea arrived to assist in removing the alligator. The alligator was caught, removed from the pond, and will be turned over to a facility that can properly care for the animal.

The investigation continues in effort to locate the owner.

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