It's not every day that you see an alligator in the wild in Michigan. It's probably even less likely for a city worker to find one swimming in a sewage lagoon but that's exactly what happened recently.

A Central Michigan city employee recently scooped an American Alligator out of a sewage lagoon after he spotted it swimming around.

How did he get the alligator out of the sewage lagoon?

I'm sure it wasn't easy but after multiple tries, the employee with the Stanton Department of Public Works used a plastic frog lure to catch the gator. I'm sure he couldn't believe how he was spending his day.

How big was the alligator?

Thankfully the American Alligator was still relatively small as it measured only about three feet in length. Regardless, it would shock the hell out of anyone to come across an alligator swimming anywhere in Michigan.

How did it get there?

More than likely the little guy was probably someone's unwanted pet. According to MLive, Brian Gunderman, the Southern Lake Michigan unit manager with the DNR Fisheries Department, said the state sees an instance of a loose alligator once every couple of years.

The alligator was taken to a zoo in Saginaw County.

Obviously, he wouldn't have survived a Michigan winter. It's just another reason why you should never discard your unwanted pets into the wild.

Every time I hear a story about a loose gator in Michigan, I always think of that 1980 horror movie called 'Alligator.' That thing scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. Good thing this gator didn't weigh over 2,000 pounds and wasn't 36 feet long.

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