We have all seen signs reading 'Honk - It's Jennifer's Birthday' or 'Honk - A 2020 Graduate Lives Here'. Honking is nice under the circumstances, but a social distancing party with a mobile DJ sounds a heck of a lot better to me.

Craig Center and the crew at Black Tie Productions are getting creative, and offering a Mobile Party Machine package for only $99. You can hire the local entertainment company to come to your house for a block party, birthday parade, birthday party, yard party and more. Again, all parties must adhere to the social distancing guidelines in Michigan at this time.

I think this is such a cool idea. Heads up, our very own Chris Monroe works for Black Tie Productions as well. When you book your social distancing mobile party - ask for Chris. I know I may not always give him a lot of credit, but he really is a great wedding deejay, and party host, and clown. I would hire him.

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When you think about what you would spend on a birthday party for your kid(s), $99 bucks is a steal. We are all going to remember this time during the coronavirus pandemic in different ways, having some good memories to reflect on sounds good to me. I am going to be sure to show this to my niece and nephew. My sister is going to love me for that. Wah Wah.

This is a cool idea for couples who had to put their wedding on hold too. If you planned on celebrating your love with 200 plus people on May 15th, and now you can't - celebrate your love with some booze, each other, and a singing party penguin.

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