As of now, the stay at home order for Michigan residents is in effect until May 28th. If it is extended, a lot of Michigan residents will be getting creative in terms of summer family fun. Black Tie Productions has the perfect solution - backyard movies.

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Craig Center and his team have really been thinking out of the box since we have been on lockdown. Not only does Black Tie Productions provide a Social Distaning Party Package, they are now providing an outdoor movie extravaganza, Social Distancing Cinema. For $199 they will provide you and your friends and family with a movie night. Your fee includes,

  • 17 ft and 12 ft tall inflatable screen.
  • Screen viewing area of 14.4 ft.
  • Pro sound system with thundering sub-woofer.

You provide your own movie on DVD, Blu Ray, or laptop. If you think about it, the price is not bad at all, think about what you spend on a night out with your family. When we are able to have group get togetheres, you can really make this movie night affordable by splitting the fee with neighbors and friends.

I would definitely be down with a movie night. Grab some pizzas, popcorn, cocktails, and make really make it a party. If you have kids, just think how excited they would be about an outdoor movie night. Imagine their little faces when they walk outside and see the giant movie screen. The stay at home order does not have to be all gloom and doom, this is still an opportunity to make some special memories.

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