If leaving the state isn't your thing, this rental in Bloomfield Hills is for you.

Family reunions are cool and all, but how many times can you all go to grandma's house before you run out of things to do and get bored? Try something new with the family and go to a place that has everything you need for a weekend of fun.

Make the family reunion or friends getaway mean something. This Airbnb rental property in Bloomfield Hills is just the place to make memories without having to travel across the country. Not only will this property fit up to 16 guests, but it also has an indoor pool and indoor tennis court.

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I would love to get a group of my family and friends and check this place out for the weekend. Available year-round, this place has everything you could need. It boasts six bedrooms, nine beds, and four bathrooms.

As far as entertainment goes, along with the pool and tennis court, this house has a pool table, sound systems that connects throughout the entire home, a ping-pong table, multiple bars, an outdoor patio and seating, and more. Also, don't stress about everyday living as it also includes a washer and dryer, kitchen, wifi, an EV charger, and more.

This place will cost you $7,532 for two nights, but don't let the sticker shock get to you. If you split that up 16 ways, it is only $470 per person for the weekend. That is not bad at all, especially when you have everything you need right there. Just chip in for food and you're golden. Check out the pictures below.

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