Saturday at Dirt Fest I was surprised by an un-announced visit from the dudes in Blue Felix. After I realized I wasn't about to get murdered, I talked with the costumed six-piece on everything from being discovered by Sid Wilson from Slipknot, to their plans for the future. 

It's an understatement to say it was a little intimidating interviewing six psychotic-looking musicians at once, but every one of the band members we're really nice and approachable. Lead vocalist Toxic Tripp did most of the talking, but occasionally everyone would answer (making their responses kind of tough to hear):

The record (2010's 'Sample of a Solution') is out now, I know Sid from Slipknot helped you out a little bit. I interviewed him and he's a really big fan and really believes in you guys. How did all that come about?

Networking, playing some shows. We were in Des Moines, played a show -- he was at the bar. He happened to be there that night, checked us out. We met up after the show started talkin', swapped numbers and the rest is history. Kinda one of them crazy insta-mesh kind of deals.

You're guys are out touring right now, who are you touring with -- or are you just going solo?

Right now we're doing the solo thing, pushing the album a little bit. Got some stuff developing that we can't speak of yet, but it's about to pop off real soon. So we'll go home for a quick short break -- about two weeks and then we're right back out and we'll be able to announce that other stuff.

Are you going to be doing any writing or anything in your downtime?

Always. [We're] Always writing, even in the bus, downtime, at all times -- even in the bunk... always pushing forward. We're writing right now [laughs].

Who are you excited to see today at Dirt Fest 2011?

(Everyone says a different band at the same time but the audible ones are) Psychostick and Times of Grace.

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