Blue October returned to The Machine Shop for another sold-out show on Sunday, March 24th, 2019.

For those of you that missed it, you missed one hell of a show. Blue October is such an amazing show to see live, especially if you have connected with the music. I love Blue October and when I see them or just listen to the tunes, I end up feeling one of two ways. A lot of the time I'm inspired by some of the songs, but sometimes I end up depressed as hell. That's in a good way. Music is best when it connects to all of your emotions.

I was just glad to be there, however, I do feel bad for Tony LaBrie. He wanted to see them the last time they were at the shop but he ended up being sick. This time, he even had some time off and wanted to go, but ended up being sick again. Long story short, stay away from Tony on the week leading up to any Blue October show.

As always, our boy Minty was on hand to catch all of the action. Check the photos out below.

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