Wednesday night (11/19/14), the legendary Bob Seger kicked off his "Ride Out Tour" at the Dow in Saginaw, Michigan. It was here that the 69-year-old rock icon took the opportunity to apologize to the people of Flint for a discrepancy in the song 'Detroit Made,' which is the title track from his new record. The song was written by John Hiatt as an ode to his car, The Electra, which was actually built in Flint from 1959-1984...not in Detroit.

However, after listening to the song, the only apology Seger owes his fans is choosing to record a pile of crap like this in the first place. Hey, we get it… the lyric 'Detroit Made' sounds a hell of a lot better than 'Flint Made,' and we are sure that’s why the producer decided to go with Detroit. Regardless, the song is terrible...Detroit Made should have never been made. Our advice is to fire John Hiatt immediately and get back to writing your own songs. After all, who is the musical legend that wrote the classic 'Night Moves'? Not freaking John Hiatt that’s for damn sure!