Bridge Street Exchange has quite a turn out for their first ever 'Best Mullet' contest. Top mullet will score $500 cash. Hell yeah baby!

There were 133 mullet entries total. The 133 will be narrowed down to a top 10. The top ten will be chosen by Bridge Street Exchange owner, Kevin Begola, and mullet man extraordinaire, Uncle Keith. Starting on Monday, July 6th, you can vote on the Bridge Street Exchange website. There will be a dedicated page for voting, one vote per day per person.

Kevin and Uncle Keith have their work cut out for them with this bunch. There are a lot of cool mullets. These people are all business in the front, party in the back. There are even a few kid mullets in the mix. These kids are definitely being raised right as far as I am concerned.

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The response to this contest was really a surprise to Kevin at Bridge Street Exchange. He originally thought he would get 30 to 50 contestants. People came from all over the state to enter. Those people include babies, ladies, and some senior citizens. How cool is that?

I am guessing since the first year is such a success, that Bridge Street Exchange will do this again next year. If so, I recommend you start growing out your hair now. Just think about the kick ass mullet you could grow in a year. For five hundred dollars, I may just grow one too.

All kidding aside, shout out to Kevin Begola and the crew at Bridge Street Exchange for putting together such a fun and cool contest - and of course for supplying such a great prize.

You can see a few contestants below (in no particular order). For a look at all of the contestants, see Bridge Street Exchange Facebook post further down this page.

Best Mullet Contestants

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