Who knew a mullet could be worth so much money? Check out the winner of the Bridge Street Exchange Mullet Contest, Brian W. of Saginaw. 'Big Country' Brian scored the grand prize - $500 dollars cash money.

Coming in second place is Matt D. from Casco, and in third place is Randy B. from Columbiaville. Congratulations to you both as well.

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This contest far exceeded Bridge Street Exchange owner Kevin Begola's expectations. There were 133 entries total from all over Michigan. Men, women, and children entered. In one day alone, over 50 people drove to Bridge Street Exchange to enter, some driving more than 2 hours to participate. The contest was sponsored by Detroit Grooming Company and Sauvercito.

The group was eventually narrowed down to 10 contestants. You can see all 10 below. I am expecting an even bigger turnout for next year. That is assuming Kevin Begola is making this an annual contest - I think he will.

This was such a cool contest to watch and report on. Mullets are no joke - mullets are a money maker my friend. Take my advice and start growing yours out now. If people ask why you are growing your hair for a mullet, you can actually tell them 'it's for a job' - hey it is true in a way - there is definitely a big payout if you win in the future.

Congrats again to 'Big Country' Brian - walk tall my friend, walk tall.

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