Friday morning means Joe is in the hot seat for Dumber Than The Show Trivia. This morning he took on Bryce with a jackpot worth $700.

Bryce had a rough start and passed on the first two questions and took quite a long time to answer each one. Joe also had a rough time with questions today.

The questions were:

  1. What 1984 gold medalist was boo'ed when he didn't try to break the long jump record, and when he failed dramatically at singing the national anthem later in his life?
  2. Measured by its' shoreline, what is the largest bay in the western hemisphere?
  3. Which North American country produces the most silver?
  4. What is the largest internal organ?
  5. What award show will air this Sunday night on television?

Check out the video to see if the pot goes up to $800 on Monday or resets back to $100. Hot Wings will be back in the hot seat on Monday.

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