Test your trivia knowledge and compete in Cedar Point's Midway Game Nite.

One of the biggest downsides to Cedar Point is the fact that it is not open all year long. For roller coaster and Cedar Point enthusiasts, it can be brutal waiting for opening day. To help ease that wait, Cedar Point has announced Midway Game Nite.

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This remote game show experience will test your knowledge of pop culture and Cedar Point facts and history. Each Thursday night, Cedar Point and Two Bit Circus will host a one-hour trivia game. The winners from each week will then return for a championship round to compete for awesome prizes.

I love trivia and Cedar Point to I am looking forward to checking this out. Midway Game Nites will take place on Thursday nights from March 23rd through April 13th, 2023. This seems like a really fun way to get your Cedar Point fix during this garbage winter season.

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How does Midway Trivia Nite work?

To participate in Midway Trivia Nite, you have to purchase admission along with your Midway Game Nite FUN Box. The FUN boxes are filled with a few goodies and a $10 Cedar Point gift card to use this summer. You may want to act fast though as the first Midway Game Nite on March 23rd is already sold out. However, you still have time to purchase your spot for the other three nights on March 30th, April 6th, and April 13th. Get all the details here.

Source: Cedar Point

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