Is the leaked video of Top Thrill Dragster real or fake?

Cedar Point fans in Michigan and beyond have been waiting for official news on what is going to happen with Top Thrill Dragster. A since-deleted blog from Zamperla, a roller coaster manufacturer, has many fans questioning if the leaked video is real or fake.

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America's Roller Coast, Cedar Point, has been teasing an announcement about the future of Top Thrill Dragster for a while now. Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 1st, 2023 was supposed to be the day we were all waiting for. However, someone at Zamperla may have jumped the gun.

Check out the TikTok video below for details.


@parkineer New details about Top Thrill Dragster have been leaked accidentally by Zamperla. This confirms what most people have been thinking! 420 foot vertical spike! #cedarpoint#zamperla#themepark#rollercoaster♬ original sound - Parkineer
So what do you think? Was the leaked video faked or did someone get fired for releasing it too early? 
Personally, I feel and hope that the video is real. That design looks awesome and I would actually wait in line for a stupid amount of time to ride it. Either way, we will officially find out from Cedar Point tomorrow. 
In other Cedar Point news, earlier this month, the park announced a new feature for 2024...the All Park Passport. This premium addon for Gold and Prestige season passes holders grants the holder access to all parks in the Cedar Fair family like Carowinds, Dorney Park, Michigan's Adventure, and more. 
Source: TikTok

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