As much as I fought it - I have it. A cold. Ugh.

Is it just me or has everyone been sick over the last month or two? Tony LaBrie and other peeps at work have been sick, people on the Banana Bad Bowlers league, even my boyfriend Nick. I tried like hell to stay clear of anyone that said they were under the weather. I stuck to my usual anti-cold remedy - tequila. Unfortunately it did not work.

Yesterday I woke up with a soar throat, a fever and totally congested. Damn you tequila, how could you fail me? I just drank a bunch of you the night before. For years tequila has been my cold remedy of choice, and it worked. Not only can tequila destroy relationships, it can and has destroyed any kind of germ that could make me ill for years (tequila may induce puking if not used carefully, but that is something completely different).

I guess constant use has made me immune. Ugh. That being said, what are some of your cold and or flu remedies? Whiskey perhaps? All tips are appreciated.



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