To say I am excited is an understatement. My head is popping off over the news that a second XOLO location will be opening in Fenton this summer. According to the Tri-County times, XOLO will be on the main floor of the new 111 Building on LeRoy Street.

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If you are not familiar, XOLO is a Latin street food and tequila bar (now you understand my excitement). Do you think it is too soon for me to try to reserve a permanent table?

I would love to say owners Spencer Ruegsegger and  Philip Shaltz chose Fenton as their second location because I live there, but unfortunately that is not the case. According to Spencer and his wife Kristy, they chose Fenton for the following reasons,

'We frequent downtown Fenton for dinner as much as possible ad have been excited to see how much it has been growing. We were having dinner at Ciao one evening when the structure was first being built (111 LeRoy) and started talking about how amazing the location was.

We contacted the owner the next day and the wheels have been turning ever since. We have enjoyed watching downtown Fenton grow and flourish and are so excited to be part of the community. We are shooting to open mid July, barring any unforeseen setbacks.'

Here is to hoping everything goes according to plan and I am sipping tequila at XOLO very soon. Heads up If you will be working at XOLO Fenton by chance, brace yourself for Tequila Maggie. You and I are about to become best friends.

To see the entire XOLO tequila menu and food menu, click here.

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