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The year 2020 is one we'll never forget, for so many reasons. And here's another one:  Burger King is urging customers to order from McDonald's.

It's not a trick or an advertising gimmick.

The fast-food giant recognizes that the food industry employs lots of people. The message on the Burger King UK Twitter page acknowledges that thousands of people who work in the fast (and not so fast) food industry need our support and encourages people to eat up at McDonald's, KFC, Subway, Five Guys, Taco Bell, and others.

"We never thought we'd be asking you to do this, but restaurants employing thousands of staff really need your support at the moment," the statement reads. "So, if you want to help, keep treating yourself to tasty meals through home delivery, takeaway or drive thru."

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Burger King then put in a plug for its own signature sandwich.

"Getting a Whopper is always best, but ordering a Big Mac is also not such a bad thing."

Burger King made the move as a second lockdown is about to go into effect in England. During the UK's first lockdown, fast-food chains were forced to close. Beginning tomorrow (11/5), new restrictions in the UK will allow restaurants to provide takeout and delivery service only.


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