Over the weekend, friends of the Banana were seriously injured in a hit and run accident that took place on Bristol Road in Burton.

Rj and Courtney Ryan were on their way home on Saturday night (June 30th) when they were struck at a stop sign by an SUV. The SUV hit their motorcycle at a high rate of speed and fled the scene leaving RJ with a severed right leg and Courtney with 3 broken bones in her right leg also and a very deep laceration.

What kind of scumbag loser blasts into a couple on a motorcycle and then flees the scene? I can only guess and say the driver was probably drunk and didn't want to get in trouble. So they decided to be selfish instead of helping the two people that they just injured. This pisses me off so bad! Again, that's just an assumption.

They are both so lucky to be alive and we are all thankful for that especially their 3 kids. Unfortunately, they are now buried in medical bills which you can imagine are absolutely brutal. A Gofundme page was created to help with expenses they will endure including RJ's prosthetic leg. To help RJ and Courtney, click here.