Some people dread going to the store and running into people they used to know. Now, if they're going to Burton Walmart -- they might literally run into them on their way in or out of the store. Let me explain.

One of the first successful articles I wrote for this website was "The Five People You Meet in Walmart." It documented my frustration with some of the people you encounter at Walmart, one of them being the people who ignore the enter and exit signs above the doors. While I understand an American's instinct to travel in the right lane, Walmart's doors made strategic sense back then.

I'm not sure if management read my article or what, but not too long after -- those enter and exit signs above the doors disappeared at the Burton Walmart. Somehow, the people using the wrong door seemed to largely disappear as well. I guess they just figured it out organically. Sadly, that wouldn't last.

On my last few trips to the store, I noticed the signs are back. The only problem is that they are over the wrong doors. Now everyone is confused about what to do and they're running into each other. While the confusion is understandable, there is a simple solution, which I've detailed in the video above. Let's make Walmart great again!

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