Bush's upcoming album 'Everything Always Now' was pushed back to October 2010, then February 2011, then the back burner. They've finally set a date for the new album, now titled 'Sea of Memories', and we've got a new track for you to check out.

Bush'scomeback album has already travelled a rocky road. When frontman Gavin Rossdale first decided to reunite the band in 2009, his first move was to reach out to all the original members. In early 2002 the first to leave the band was guitarist Nigel Pulsford, who split to spend more time with his family. It wasn't a surprise when Pulsford turned down the offer to return, bassist Dave Parsons was a different story. Last year Rossdale told SPIN:

"I’ve been speaking to Nigel a lot and each time I do a record, I’d ask him to do it. He’s happy and it’s not something he wanted to do — he has a family. I spoke to Dave. I was surprised because I thought he’d do it. He thought about it for the weekend and then said he couldn’t. He didn’t want to commit and then back out — he didn’t know how long he could tour. It’s an absurd amount of work."

In the band's new lineup, Chris Traynor and Corey Britz  have replaced Pulsford and Parsons respectively. Traynor has previously played guitar for Helmet and replaced Pulsford when he first left the band in 2002; he has played in all Rossdale's subsequent projects including Institute and his solo album 'WANDERlust'.

After their first single 'Afterlife' failed to make a splash at rock radio, 'Everything Always Now' was delayed several times until being filed in the 'TBA' drawer. The band has now renamed the album 'Sea of Memories' and it is set for a September release. The song 'All My Life' is going to be included in the upcoming soundtrack for the Electronic Arts Sports game: 'NHL 12'. You can download the song for free at EA's website.