Honestly, today I was going to buy my girlfriend something for Christmas.  I know lingerie is sometimes criticized for being a present for me more then her, but I wanted to buy her some anyway.   That is, until I walked into the woman's underwear store.Seriously, have you ever been a dude alone in Victoria's Secret?  By no means am I bashful, but upon entering the liar of lingerie, I instantly reverted back to 12 year old Fantone, awkward and unable to control when and where my blood was flowing.  Honestly, I felt like a pervert the second I walked in.  Everywhere I looked was something I wanted to touch, smell, or lick.

Things I wanted to touch, smell, and lick.

Honestly, I lasted like 10 minutes in there.  Between the halfie I had going, the dirty looks from the sales chick, and my giggling, I had to get out of there.  I felt like I was destined to fail at the lingerie purchase from the start, as I don't know her size or anything like that, but still, I tried.  Hopefully I'm mature enough to buy her a gift card.

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