What are the rules for buying alcohol on Sundays in Michigan? It may seem like an odd question especially if you didn't realize there were rules/laws in place that surround this topic in the first place.

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There was a time in Michigan when you'd run to the store on a Sunday to buy some beer but once you got to the counter you were denied because it wasn't noon yet. Strangely enough, this still happens in 2023.

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Can You Buy Alcohol on Sunday Before Noon in Michigan?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, you can buy alcohol in Michigan on Sunday starting at 7 a.m. in stores and restaurants that are permitted to sell alcohol. If you try to buy alcohol from a store or restaurant that doesn't have a permit to sell on Sundays before noon, you will be denied.

You'll also find that some stores don't sell alcohol at all on Sundays.

What is the Reason Behind Not Selling Alcohol on Sundays?

According to National Alcohol Beverage Control Association, as state and local governments cannot rely on religious reasons for the ban on Sunday alcohol sales, the justification for these restrictions must come from other factors, which include public health and safety concerns, and curbing excessive alcohol consumption and its consequences.

The history behind the whole thing is very complex and dates back hundreds of years. Even though the government can't rely on religious reasons for the ban on Sunday alcohol sales, it's believed to be the real reason for it.

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