So just how much did Michigan bars spend on liquor in 2022?

It is fair to say that the people of Michigan indulged in their fair share of booze. While it is a bit tougher to figure out how much each place has sold, we can tell you how much they spend on liquor last year.

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While the title of this article is a bit misleading, it stands to reason that the more liquor you purchase, the more liquor you sell. Of course, you have to take into consideration that just because the following amounts were bought by these establishments, you can be pretty sure that they made a lot more from selling them with markups.

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For the top 21 in the list below, these are the places in Michigan that purchased the most liquor from the state. Obviously, the price they are the customer is different at each place. A Jack and Coke will cost you more at Little Caesars Arena than it will at your local pub around the corner.

Leading the list, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, is Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. In 2022, LCA purchased a total of $1,025,489 of liquor from the state. I can only imagine how much they made off of that at stadium prices.

Other establishments include restaurants, a number of LLCs (which may have different names for the actual bars or restaurants,) stadiums, and a golf club. Check out the list below to see how much your favorite place spent on liquor last year.


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