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It's time to get fired up because Cedar Point just announced their official opening date for the 2021 season. Look for the park to open on Friday, May 14.

Cedar Park will also continue celebrating their 150th anniversary which was cut short last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of that, they didn't even open their gates until July. So all of their Gold Passes that were meant for last year will remain valid for the 2021 season. If you didn't buy a Gold Pass for last year's 150th celebration, you can still buy one for this year.

They didn't even bother celebrating their 150th-anniversary attractions last year so for 2021 you can expect to see new Snake River Expedition boat ride, Town Hall Museum renovations, and nighttime parades and shows

I'm sure there will be safety measures put in place for this year and possibly some restrictions but it's not quite clear at this time what their plans are.

Cedar Point:

To ensure you and your family enjoy the park safely, several operational changes will be in effect upon our reopening,” park officials noted in the e-mail. “Complete details on our enhanced health and safety measures, along with our full events listing and operating calendars will be released on our website soon.

We planned on going last year but by the time they finally opened up and with all the restrictions in place, we said screw it and didn't bother going.


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