That's right, Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn wants to come out of retirement to rejoin the Cleveland Indians in the World Series.

Somewhere, Wesley Snipes is angrily karate-ing a heavy bag because he didn't think of this first. Charlie Sheen has had quite the ride since starring in 'Major League,' but Ricky Vaughn is always who I think of first when it comes to his career. For me, Wild Thing was peak Charlie Sheen. Ironically, 'Wild Things' was his ex-wife Denise Richards' career highlight. It's great to see that not only does he still take pride in the greatest role of his career, but also wants to reprise it in front of the whole country.

After knocking off Boston and Toronto, the Cleveland Indians are headed to the World Series, and Charlie volunteered to break out his heater once again for the ceremonial first pitch. I have a hard time watching baseball, especially when it's not Detroit Tigers post-season baseball, but I'd tune in to see Wild Thing take the field once again.

Whether or not Cleveland pulls Vaughn out of the bullpen, you know Pedro Cerrano will be there representing... during an Allstate commercial. Yes, that's the same guy.

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