Kegs N K's was a blast over the weekend.  A 4K run with beer served at the beginning, middle, and end of the race.  As I am training for a 15.6 mile Iron Warrior Dash in September, this was a good way to get away from the normal training.

I finished with a time of 36 mins and 56 seconds.  Now that is a pretty slow time for a 4k race, but we decided to have a few extra beers at the rest stops.  After that, beer is pretty unforgiving when it comes to running.

After the race, there were quite a few games going on and a live band as well.  I took a shot at the keg toss as well, and I was a mere few inches from winning.  We were also able to team up with our sister stations for this drunken fun.  Check out some of the pics below, and see the full gallery here from our friends at cameracrazy studio.

My next training race is coming up on Thursday.  I will be running the DiploDash Ice Cream Bash 5k at the Downtown Flint YMCA.

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