Root for her team or catch an ass whooping.

Not many people think that a cheerleader is going to end up in an all-out fist fight, however, this one wasn't afraid to throw hands. Who knows how this all started. Young kids being young kids I guess. It reminds me of all the "he said/she said" garbage that I hated about high school. That's exactly how this looked at the start.

While sitting at a table, this cheerleader was arguing with another girl. Again, I'm sure it was over something stupid. As things escalated, you can hear the cheerleader say "don't touch me." Well, that girl should have listened. After a pretty solid cheap shot to the head, the cheerleader had enough and snapped.

She jumped up and started raining blows straight to the head of the girl that smacked her. Even with the size difference, I think it's safe to say the cheerleader won. The girl didn't even drop her cell phone in the melee.

Source: FBHW

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