This could have ended so much worse. Luckily, the little girl in the video above was not hurt -  #unbelievable.

You will see in the video that when the vehicle was turning a slight curve, the car door opens and  the  2-year-old girl falls out. We can see all of this because the vehicle behind the driving mother, had a dash cam. That seems odd to me (he is not reported to be a police officer), but the story is about the child, not him.

The man of course gets out to check on the child as do other drivers. According to the Huffington Post, the mother returned 15 minutes later 'hysterical'. Although the child was strapped into the car seat, the unidentified mother may face charges of child endangerment because the car seat was NOT properly fastened to the backseat.

As I said, the child appears to be okay and that is what is most important. The real take away from this is, if you have kids - double check their car seats.

One more thing, am I the only one surprised that I have not fallen out of one of my Uber rides? Am I right? Buckle up peeps.








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