Claressa Shields added to her GWOAT status last night by winning her first MMA fight with a TKO.

Shields announced that she would be making her debut in the world of MMA during the pandemic after having trouble finding someone to fight her in the boxing ring. Shields did end up making more history in the boxing world before her MMA debut, but that didn't slow her down at all. Thursday night, Shields rallied to win her first professional MMA fight, adding to her record breaking list of accomplishments.

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Shields struggled early.

Claressa Shields v Brittney Elkin
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The transition to MMA did not come easy for the champ. Shields actually lost the first two rounds of the fight, and looked like things may not go her way. Shields started the fight in a more traditional boxing style, and paid the price for it.

Shields was knocked to the mat more than once, and spent most of the second round on the ground. She was able to get off the ground towards the end of the second round, but many of the analysts thought the damage had been done.

The 3rd round belonged to Shields

Claressa Shields v Brittney Elkin
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If there was any doubt about Shields ability to compete in an MMA fight, it was put to bed in the third round.

Shields adjusted her approach and took Elkin to the ground in the first minute of the round. From there Shields continued to attack until the fight was eventually called a TKO win for Shields.

So what is next for Shields?

There were rumblings that Shields would be making the transition to MMA permanently, but that's most likely not the case. Her MMA contract allows her to remain active with both sports.

In the post fight interview, Shields made it clear that she was not done in with MMA. She said that she wants to be the first person to hold championship belts in both sports.

That may seem like a pretty lofty goal, but if anyone can do it, Shields can.

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