It's been a long time since some of these clips have seen daylight, but thanks to the YouTubes we can relive some classic Flint television that will make you laugh, cry, and feel nostalgic... which is the nice way of saying "old." 

Flint Spirits

Many people remember that a handful of hockey teams called Flint home before the Firebirds. There were the Michigan Warriors, Flint Generals, and the Flint Bulldogs, but not many people talk about the Flint Spirits these days. The Spirits were an IHL team that played at the I.M.A. Sports Arena (now Dort Federal Event Center) from 1985-1990. They were once affiliated with the New York Rangers and were the launching pad to the NHL for several notable players including Mike Richter, Darcy Wakaluk, and John Cullen.


I was very young when AutoWorld opened, and I can't even remember if I ever went there. At bare minimum, I had to have gone there on a field trip or something, right? Oh, well. I guess my lack of memorable times there are symptomatic of why it was only open for 6 months before closing in January of 1985. Though it did re-open occasionally for brief periods of time, it wasn't enough to keep it from being closed for good in 1994, and demolished in 1997. I'm surprised it stayed open that long after seeing this commercial. Place looks wack.

Hyatt Regency

Downtown Flint has been revitalized in recent years, but it's still crazy to see how things were down there when the city was in its prime.

Kessel Food Markets

When it comes to local commercials -- Al Kessel was the G.O.A.T. I have fond memories of him throwing/destroying all the groceries in a cart to tell us they were on sale in that thick Midwestern accent of his. By 1999, the four Kessel Food Markets that had not been sold changed their names to Save-a-Lot. Sadly, Al Kessel passed in 2012 at the age of 74, but still -- G.O.A.T.


This one even pre-dates me, but I have a feeling some of you 70s kids will recognize this Faygo tune when you hear it. Also, is that the boat to Boblo Island? If you're wondering whatever happened to that place -- click here to get the story.

Patsy Lou Williamson Lincoln Mercury Dodge

This commercial from some point in the 90s is a Flint classic! We don't know how Patsy Lou got Burt Reynolds to come do a commercial, but that was a pretty big score back then. It's a good thing that nobody remembers Patsy Lou saying they bail out all their customers.

Bush's Furniture

Bro, just look at that dope ass sofa, loveseat, chair combo your grandma bought for $599. You bet your ass she shelled out extra for that plastic slip cover too. Seriously, this was the official couch pattern of grandmas in 1984.

Little Caesar's Pizza

You know, they really don't have enough kids subtly dropping pepperoni nipple references in pizza commercials these days. The 90s really were a magical time.



If you watched WSMH long enough, you'd eventually see one of these or an RPM Auto Sales infomercial.

Al Bennett Ford

This one is a true classic. Animation, customized theme song, live action choreography. Al Bennett was a true showman.

Masse Nissan / Lincoln Mercury Jeep Eagle

I don't even remember this dealership's name, but when Patsy Lou is rocking The Bandit in her spots and these scrubs have a bootleg local cable commercial -- it's no surprise.

Hamady Brothers

At one point, this 36 store grocery chain was worth $100,000,000. I remember going to the store right around the corner at Belsay and Davison as a kid. That store, along with all the others, was closed by 1991. If this commercial is any indication -- the Hamady Bros were Michigan af.

I/O Software

Amazingly, I/O Software is still open on Miller Road. Not many businesses on this list can say that.Congrats, fellas. I remember taking our 386 in there and getting an upgrade so I could play 'Doom' (or something equally 90s) on our computer.


If this 1988 news report doesn't make you feel old -- nothing will. It's hard to believe that I lived during a time where an anchor actually asked the question, "what's worse -- smoking or quitting and gaining weight?" during a newscast and was totally serious. Uhh, smoking, Jill. Smoking is worse.

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