I vaguely remember going to Boblo Island Amusement Park as a kid and recently found myself wondering what happened to the place. Well, it went out of business a long time ago, but we found a few videos of what it looks like today -- check them out here.

Technically speaking, the island was a part of Canada (Bois Blanc Island, Ontario to be exact) but was just a short ferry ride up the Detroit River from the city of Detroit. The ferrys were known as "Bob-Lo Boats" and held about 2,500 passengers each.

The park opened in 1898 and closed its doors for good on September 30th,1993 as a result of poor management, rising maintenance costs and declining attendance thanks to more attractive parks in the region like Cedar Point.

The rides were sold in 1994, but as we discovered via YouTube, a number of the park's structures still stand on the island.

The "Bob-Lo Boats" are still around too, but now sit docked and are in rather poor condition.

Update: A couple of them were partially restored and used during the filming of Transformers 4.

If you ever want to relive old memories with a ride on the "Sky Streak," you'll have to take a trip to Selva Magica in Guadalajara, Mexico where the ride now stands.

Another relocated ride is the "Nightmare," which was first moved to Six Flags Houston where it operated as the "Mayan Mindbender," but is now known as the "Hornet" and can be found in Amarillo, Texas at Wonderland Amusement Park.

The island has since been re-branded as a "Marina Resort Community," as you can see in the video below.

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