We've all forgotten to buckle-up at some point or another, and now, forgetting might cost you.  Police Departments throughout the county have started the 'Click It or Ticket' campaign and they are looking for you. 


Seat belts save lives, and you really can't deny it.  But people drive with out them all time, whether they forget or just choose not to.  Regardless why you're not wearing your seat belt, it might cost you $65 as police across Genesee County are starting their 'Click it or ticket' campaign.

Starting today(5/21) 20 enforcement zones will be spread out across the county.  Areas include Flushing and Ballenger, Fenton and Hill, and Dort and Lapeer.  Outside of those 20 enforcement zones, local, state, and highway police will be on the look out for unbuckled drivers.

Police insist the campaign is about saving lives, not collecting more fine money.  Wearing a seat belt reduces your chances of being killed in an accident by 45% and the stops can lead to arrests for warrants, unlicensed drivers, and DUIs and other illegal activities.

Save yourself the headache and just put on your seat belt.

Souce: MLive.com

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