Tyler Drive was created for the student transportation industry which will give parents some piece of mind while their kids travel to and from school.

Tyler Driver software will provide drivers with turn-by-turn directions to each stop on their route, manages students riding the bus, employee timekeeping, and pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections.

Here's basically how it works according to Tyler Technologies: As the bus arrives at a scheduled stop, Tyler Drive displays the students assigned to the location as well as any special student support information. If a student attempts to board on an incorrect run or route, or disembark at an unassigned stop, Tyler Drive will alert the driver. This allows the driver to manage student safety immediately and reduces the risk that a new or substitute driver will not recognize students.

I know a lot of people feel kids today are coddled way too much and this technology is just plain silly. Personally, I think it's really cool and it just reinforces a child's safety. We live in a different world today and I feel taking extra precautions is a necessity.

Not sure if this new technology will ever become available in our area but I would like to see it happen. According to WNEM, Tyler Drive debuted in upstate New York where students were handed ID cards to check in and out of the bus by using scanners.