If you think you can handle watching 24 hours of true crime documentaries, you're in luck because the ultimate stay-at-home gig is waiting for you.

According to Don't Waste Your MoneyMagellanTV, a niche streaming service for documentary fans, is taking applications from stay-at-home sleuths who can "survive 24 hours of true crime.” Technically will have 48 hours to watch the pre-selected lineup of shows.

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Of course, after you've completed your true crime binge-watching experience, you'll be expected to share that experience on social media. For your service, you'll get $1,000 plus a 1-year free membership to MagellanTV and three 3-month memberships to share with family or friends.

This would not be the gig for me. I like crime shows but I can't watch a lot of them back to back because it makes me so freaking depressed. I just find them all so dark and depressing. I would have the hardest times watching 16 programs as MagellanTV requires for this.

The application deadline is 5 p.m. EST May 4, 2020.


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