A puppy was recently found outside an apartment complex in Warren with several stab wounds in its body.

Warren police responded to a 911 call near the Warren Manor Apartments at 8 Mile and Dequindre last Sunday.

According to police, the caller reported seeing a male husky that was injured. They went up to the puppy to try and give it some help when they noticed the dog had been stabbed several times and that the knife was still embedded in its body. It must have been a horrific and heartbreaking scene.

Police arrived and were able to safely transport the puppy to an emergency veterinary clinic with which they are contracted.

The doctors confirmed that the dog had been stabbed three times. They also believe that the dog will make a full recovery.

Now the big question is, why did this happen? Fox 2 Detroit interviewed residents outside of the complex. The response from one woman was absolutely ridiculous. She said it was probably just someone defending themselves.

Honestly, I'm not really surprised because we do have a lot of stray animals around here. I would not be surprised because we have a lot of walkers that someone just defended themselves.

It's unclear if this was a self-defense case or a criminal act. If it was a criminal act, whoever is responsible could be charged with a felony.

I find it hard to believe that someone felt so threatened by a puppy that they needed to stab the poor thing, not to mention leaving the knife in its body.

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