Atlas Township will be seeing an outage this weekend.

If you live in the Goodrich area, make sure you pass this along to your neighbors. Consumers Energy will be cutting the electric service to more than 2,700 customers on Saturday morning. Emergency repairs need to be made so you will lose power tomorrow night at midnight.

When will the outage take place?

Consumers Energy has scheduled the outage to take place at midnight on Friday and it will continue until about 6 am Saturday morning. This outage will include areas in both Atlas Township and Davison Township. The outage is taking place so that crews can replace a utility pole located in a pond near the Consumers Energy Atlas substation. Power lines will be rerouted around the water to better protect the reliability of the electric grid.

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What areas will be affected by this outage?

If you live in the following areas, you will be affected by this outage:

  • Atlas Township. The area between Perry, Ray, and Washburn roads, east of Thread Creek.
  • Atlas Township and southern Davison Township. The area between Hegel, Bristol, Washburn, and Vassar roads.
  • Atlas Township and the village of Goodrich. The area between Perry, Kipp, Washburn, and Gale roads.

If you are in the affected area, you can look for updates and keep track of the outage with the Consumers Energy Outage Map here. Be sure to have all of your phones charged by midnight on Friday and put your beer in a cooler for the night and you should be good.

Source: ABC 12

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