Corey Taylor has revealed Stone Sour is on indefinite hiatus, adding that the longtime band has “kinda run its course for now.”

Stone Sour predates Slipknot, resurrecting itself after Taylor found worldwide success with the masked nine. The hard rock project went on to release some of the genre’s most definitive works throughout the 2000s and 2010s, arguably releasing Stone Sour’s best work with House of Gold & Bones - Part 1 & 2.

“I feel like Stone Sour has kinda run its course for now,” Taylor told The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast. “We all talked as a band and decided to kinda put Stone Sour in indefinite hiatus. That’s the way it is. We’ve put it on the shelf for now. Everyone’s kind of going and doing their own thing.”

Back in June, Corey hinted at a hiatus for Stone Sour. “If someday we wanna get back together and do some stuff, it’ll be bigger than it was. But for right now, we’re all kind of focused on kind of doing our own thing. But you never say never in this business.”

In this latest interview, Taylor confirmed he’ll be doing a full touring cycle for his solo career as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic has been controlled. “As soon as the coast is clear, we are absolutely coming back,” Taylor says. “Next year will probably be [Slipknot] wrapping up that touring cycle, and then after that I’ll be hitting the road with the solo thing.”

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