What is missing from the Flint area? Correct, a casino.

The possibility of a casino in Flint, Michigan was highly debated back in the early 1990s in relation to the old AutoWorld location. In 2005, Mayor Don Williamson also proposed a casino just off of I-75 in Mt. Morris. Obviously, those never came to fruition. However, Genesee County and surrounding areas could definitely benefit from a casino being built here.

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The topic of opening a casino in Flint undoubtedly causes a little bit of tension between residents. Some being for the creation of a new gaming facility and some being against it. So what do you think about the idea?

Now before we dive into this, let’s get one thing straight. This is 100% an opinion piece based on a conversation I had with a few friends about the topic. I have not seen nor am I aware of any such plans or this even being a topic for the powers that be. It is just pure imagination of what could happen.

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Personally, I would be 100% in support of a casino being built in the area. It would bring hundreds if not thousands of jobs, not to mention millions of dollars in revenue as well. Genesee County would be the perfect area for a casino also. It would give more options for those traveling around the state to visit the slots and tables. Now that online gambling is legal in Michigan, I feel that there are more people that want to give it a shot in real life.

In my brain, I think there are two locations in the area that would be a perfect fit for a casino. The first area, and a most ideal spot in my opinion, would be where Genesee Valley Center stands today. The land the mall sits on would provide more than enough room for a new casino and a hotel. On top of that, Miller Road and Linden Road are filled with businesses that would complement the idea including plenty of restaurants, retail locations, nearby hotels, and more that would all benefit.

The other location that I think would be a perfect fit is the large plot of land on Elms Road between Bristol Road and Lennon Road. If memory serves me correctly, there were once plans to turn that plot into a golf course (but those were rumors I heard 20+ years ago in high school.) This location also offers nearby hotels, highway access, and more.


On the flip side of this conversation, my friends disagreed and thought that a casino in this area would bring more crime and potentially open the door to more people becoming addicted to gambling. I totally get that, but I also look at gambling the same as I do drugs and alcohol. Every person is different.

What are your thoughts on what a casino could do for the area? Also, what other establishments or things of this nature would you want to see explored in Genesee County? Let us know in the comments.

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