Buckham Alley Fire Damages Flint Businesses, Luckily No Injuries
Flint firefighters rushed to Buckham Alley Thursday afternoon after flames were spotted on top of the buildings.
I happened to be dropping lunch off to my wife yesterday shortly before all of the action in Buckham Alley. She works in downtown Flint, and her building is in Buckham Alley, so they had a…
Flint Mayor Declares State of Emergency Due to Gun Violence
Gun violence in Flint is out of control and Mayor Sheldon Neeley agrees. That's why early today during a press conference he declared a state of emergency against gun violence in the city of Flint.
What does this mean?
It means that the city will be able to provide a high level of resou…
New Juice Bar Brings a Cool Vibe to Flint This Fall
If there's one thing Flint and surrounding areas are lacking its healthy options. When you're on the go it's really hard to find a place that offers true healthy options. Well, that is about to change this fall when 810 Wellness Bar opens its doors.

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