If they were looking for a thrill ride at Cedar Point, they definitely got what they were looking for.

A man and woman were recently arrested after getting caught having sex on a Cedar Point ride. Not just any ride, they were getting down and dirty on the Gaint Wheel.

According to 10 WBNS, David Davis and Heather Johnston, both 32 years old, were allegedly seen having sex while on the Cedar Point attraction Giant Wheel. The two were confronted by a Cedar Point police sergeant and security before the Sandusky Police Department was called.

As you would expect, the two denied their sexual actions on the Giant Wheel to officers. However, it's pretty hard to deny having sex in public when you have multiple witnesses.

Sandusky Officer Nicole Kennedy Bogard:

I then spoke to the couple again and advised them that the girls clearly saw what they were doing. Eventually, the couple did admit that they were engaged in sexual intercourse.

Reports claim that witnesses felt the Ferris wheel cart shaking and saw the man and woman expose themselves on the ride. What were these people thinking?

The witnesses also said that the couple was pointing and laughing at them (witnesses) while they were having sex. Well, that's pretty messed up.

Two of the witnesses were juveniles.


The couple was arrested and charged with public indecency. Due to the age of the juveniles, the couple's charge was enhanced to a misdemeanor of the first degree.

I don't know how anybody could even try to have sex on that giant Ferris wheel. I went on that thing years ago and was scared to move even just slightly. Yes, the Ferris wheel terrifies me.

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